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George Ludwig Henry Thern was born Oct. 15, 1874 in the Town of Liberty, Outagamie County. He was the youngest of a family of 6 boys and 5 girls. He worked hard helping on the farm of his parents. There was an 80 acre woods back of the house where he loved to take his dog and hunt.

George completed his schooling in a one room schoolhouse built on land that had been donated by his father. He then went to work for his brother, John, who operated a grocery store in New London. He worked long hours as a delivery boy and clerk.

After he was married he moved to Phillips where he had his own store. His love was for the country though, so he bought a few acres east of New London where he raised berries. He also worked at the brickyards and then on the railroad.

With hard savings he moved to a larger place - the old fairgrounds - and converted the land for agriculture. When he began farming he had only a single plow that he guided by hand as the horses pulled it.

He dragged the field with a spring tooth until the soil was suitable to use the disk and later a crusher. Most of the work had to be done by walking back and forth over the acreage. He did not stop until it was smooth and ready for seeding.

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